Monday, August 1, 2011

New Growth Pictures :)

Here's some of the new growth that has been emerging lately.

 Onc. Maureen x Onc. Haematochilum  (Mule Ear Oncidium) - 
You can just barely see a small little one poking through the bark. 

Encyclia Profusa - 
This plant I had actually thrown away. It was in my pile of sun victims from last month. This was a big surprise when I went to throw them out last week.  

I re-potted her in a small ceramic pot with a plastic insert.  

oncidium jairak rainbow - 

You can just barely make out a new division between the two adult plants. 

This has been one of my favorite plants 

Slc. Jewel Box 'Scherazade' - 

Small growth just emerging from the bark   :)

My White Dendrobium - I thought that I was actually losing this plant a couple of weeks ago.  She was so sad looking after her sunburn that I had placed a red "watch me" sticker on her pot.  To my surprise, a cute little cane is suddenly emerging  :)

Blc. Mildred Hollingsworth Sun Bulb-

Here's a new growth that I noticed yesterday. 

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  1. See how much orchids want to live? Congratulations on giving the Enc another chance.