Thursday, May 26, 2011

I've been a very bad girl today :)

Today has been a very interesting day, for me anyhow.  I had to drive my grandmother 70 miles to deal with some insurance thing (which sucked and was not how I wanted to spend my day), but on the way home I saw this little nursery that had just opened up. . . .   Anyhow I bought 4 orchids.  Yes, 4. . . I couldn't decide between them. Go figure!

The 4 that I purchased are: ( I'll post pics soon)

1. BLLRA. Marfitch ' Howard's Dream - a cute little Intergeneric hybrid

2. ODCM. Wildcat ' Green Valley' -  Beautiful Oncidium 

3. Blc. Fritz Nicholaus ' Spring Dance' Lavender - Beautiful purple Cattleya

4. (Lc. Edgar vanBelle x C. Intermedia) x Blc. Magic Meadow 'Green Genius 4n' -  Stunning Green cattleya with a pink lip   

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