Monday, May 16, 2011

OMG New Rescues :(

Ok, I'm just going to quit going to Lowes all together.  I'm an addict .  Actually, this time was a little different, a friend called and told me that they had some nice looking plants on their "half-dead" rack and that she had bought 4.  So, I went down there and came out with 4 nice plants with great roots for 90% off. Actually, one pot has two large phals in it.  

I also got a surprise with one of these. I found a mealy bug while I was repotting.  CRAP!!! I guess that's what you get for 90% off.  Anyhow, I rubbed everyone down with alcohol. I found 4 actual bugs (hopefully I got them all). I'll continue to check daily.

This is the only one that I got with a tag.   This guy is Haur Jih Diamon x Brother Lawrence.  I honestly can't find anything wrong. I did remove the spike, but I do that with most of my rescues anyhow.  :)
            This is a nice looking mini.  
 This is my mealy bug carrier. a beautiful plant that has a new leaf emerging and several new roots. 

This is the plant that has two phals in it. It looks like it's two individual plants rather than a keiki. I'm very curious to see what this one becomes.  Oh, I did separate them b/c both plants were too large for the one pot


  1. maybe we can try.....a harmless method of catching small bug,slugs and snails is to place slices of apple on the compost(growing medium).The pets congregate underneath the apple and can be picked up in the morning.. nice looking phal :)

  2. That's an interesting concept. I will research that a little more, and I might just give that a try. Thank you :)

  3. That is a neat idea. My mother treats for mealies with a mixture of cinnamon oil, dish soap, and water.