Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some of my rescued Phals. UPDATES

 This is one of my rescues that was in pitiful condition when I got it. It has a new leaf that has been growing nicely. I found this pot or whatever it is at my grandmothers and I just couldn't wait to plant something in it. Also, this one has several new root tips since it was moved to s/h.    :)
  This is one of my many shelves of rescued phals. Some are in s/h while others are in a fir bark/ perlite/ and charcoal mix. Everyone is doing pretty good. 

These two pics are of the same plant. I just wanted to show the new leaf that has just emerged and the new root that is moving through the media. 

I really like the s/h media, it's been a nice adjustment.   


  1. That pot is cool! AND, it has the perfect little Phal. leaf slots! For rescues these all look really great - well done.